September 15, 2014

» Early female sexuality, AKA why statutory rape laws are important


  • Before age 15, “a majority of first intercourse experiences among females are reported to be non-voluntary*.” [source]
  • A detailed qualitative study of girls’ loss of virginity found that they “were almost all quite negative (and, in some cases, horrific).* [source]
  • Of adolescents engaging in oral sex only, girls were twice as likely as boys to report feeling bad about themselves and nearly three times as likely to feel used. [source]
  • Fathers of babies born to teens are often significantly older than their female partners. It is estimated that, among girls who have given birth to a child by age 15, 39 percent of the fathers are between the ages of 20 and 29.* [source]
  • The age gap between teen mothers and their male partners is particularly striking among the youngest adolescents. Among mothers ages 11 to 12, fathers are on average 9.8 years older, and among mothers ages 13 to 14, fathers are on average 4.6 years older.* [source]

*AKA rape, but notice the soft, diminishing language used.

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September 15, 2014

The thing you reblogged with the guy sitting at the piano singing, his name is Bo Burnam

you’re golden. thanks!

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September 15, 2014





Now You Know (Source)

Crows are scary

  • use tools
  • Can be taught to speak (like parrots)
  • Have huge brains for birds
  • like seriously their brain-to-body size ratio is equal to that of a chimpanzee
  • They vocalize anger, sadness, or happiness in response to things
  • they are scary smart at solving puzzles
  • some ravens stay with their mates until one of them dies
  • they can remember faces
  • SIDENOTE HERE BECAUSE HOLY SHIT.  They did an experiment where these guys wore masks and some of them fucked with crows.  Pretty soon the crows recognized the masks = douchebag.  But the nice guys with masks they left alone.  THEN, OH WE’RE NOT DONE, NO SIR crows that WEREN’T EVEN IN THE EXPERIMENT AND NEVER SAW THE MASK BEFORE knew about mask-dudes and attacked them on sight.  THEY PASSED ON THE FUCKING INFORMATION TO THEIR CROW BUDDIES.
  • They remember places where crows were killed by farmers and change their migration patterns.

Guys I’m really scared of crows now.

Yeah but have you seen this 


There are some crows in South America who have also learned to drop tough Brazil nuts in traffic to let the cars run them over and break them. BUT on top of that, they have learned to place them in crosswalks to lessen the chance of getting hit with a car! AND they wait at the crosswalks with all the humans and don’t retrieve their meal until the crosswalk sign changes. They are literally using human tools as their own. Crows are the bomb diggity.

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September 15, 2014


FALLEN QUEEN , a playlist dedicated to the badass (ex)queen of spirit world warriors, izumi nase.

xx1. highway of fallen kings, civil twilight // xx2. kill your heroes, awolnation // xx3. princess of china, coldplay ft. rihanna // xx4. short change hero, the heavy// xx5. at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be), fun // xx6. haunt, bastille // xx7. fingers never bleed, yeasayer // xx8. daisy, brand new // xx9. kitchen sink, twenty one pilots // x10. trembling hands, the temper trap

listen here

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September 15, 2014


Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theatre #3 “The Twenty-something Woman, The Perfect Age for Falling in Love” Screencaps

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September 15, 2014

Oh, I'm so glad you're doing the colour palette meme too! Can I request Izumi Nase from Kyoukai no Kanata + 7, please? :D



I’ve never watched this anime so I referenced this beautiful gif of Izumi! Thanks for the suggestion  

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